Our Team

Is no less than innovation and deep knowledge for the social and tourism particulars that drive world markets. This is our strength, our power, the very air we breathe. Strategists and marketers, IT’s and designers, conceptual smiley happy people, caring for each project’s goals. People with style and ideas, supported by strong academic and art skills.

Each one of us is an artist and a person in constant learning progress. Each one eager to listen, to understand, to help and support; without limitations in open ears, able to find our way in difficult business paths.  We see all things with an eye for challenge!

We are mainly Greeks, although we have worked with worldwide companies, in different countries and different disciplines. We are creators, educators and people speak about us with interest and as best value for money. This is our team. And what are our tools of trade and technical capabilities? Well…


PHP, ASP, Java, HTML, XML, C++, Pascal, Javascipt, Visual Basic, DHTML, CSS, Mobile Development, etc

Online Marketing

S.E.O, S.E.M, PPC, Affiliations, PPP concepts, Blogging, etc


MySQL, MSSQL, ODBC, DAO, ADO, OLEDB programming, Microsoft Access, VBA, Oracle, etc

Project Analysis

Content & navigation design and deployment, goal and milestone setting, audience and technology researches, statistics evaluation & logical outcomes implementation.